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Specially Appointed Professor Mitsuhiro Yanagida of the Graduate School of Biostudies received the title of Honorary Fellow of the Society of Biology.
Dr. Mitsuhiro Yanagida has been selected by the Society of Biology as new Honorary Fellow. [YouTube]

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At the biggining of April 2005, Kozoken Home Page was once closed and appeared again as Jisyu-Kozoken Homepage. Thank you for visiting.

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Mitsuhiro Yanagida's Speech
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The Kyoto-Daigaku-Shimbun Newspaper's Interview with Yanagida-san (June and July 2005, Lang:jp)
- The Regulation of Cell Cycle and Chromosome Segregation -

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COE symposium 2003 in Otsu Photos
Pombe2002 The 2nd International Fission Yeast Meeting Photos (by Clarlie Hoffman)
The 3rd UK-Japan Cell Cycle Workshop

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A Newspaper's Interview with Mitsuhiro Yanagida (Kyoto-Daigaku-Shimbun Newspaper) (Lang:jp)

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