UK-Japan Cell Cycle Workshop

1997/November 18th

The hotels' maps are available here now.

1997/November 17th

Many thanks for about 100 advance orders!
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1997/October 15th

Scientific program(click here) is now available!

October 15, 1997

Dear Colleagues

We here send to you the program of the Cell Cycle Workshop on November 24-27 at the Kyoto Coop-Inn. It was not an easy task for us to make the program as we have to ask a number of abstracts to poster sessions rather than oral presentations. We hope that two poster sessions will give ample opportunity for presentation and discussion.

Registration desk will be open at 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm on November 24th at the Coop-Inn. It will be open also on Novemver 25th.

The rooms for posters are indicated in the Coop-Inn.
The size of poster board is 150 cm (height) and 105 cm (width). The posters may be displayed from the noon of 24th to the afternoon of 27th.

Please prepare 15 min talk for those marked with (S) and 25 min talk for those marked with (L). Each talk has 5 min discussion. It is vital to have the Discussion time for successful workshop so that speakers please follow the time allowed.

Staying support:
The exact amount of support for participants from abroad who want to have support will be informed upon arrival.

The Coop Travel will soon send to you confirmation of your hotel reservation. We apologize delay in response and inconvenience that many participants will have to stay in other hotels which locate near the Coop Inn as the number of participants exceed far more than expected.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Yours sincerely,

1997/October 8th

1997/October 8th

The scientific session will start at 19:10 on November 24th at the Coop-Inn and will end around 16:30 on 27th. There will be eight oral sessions consisting of approximately 50 talks.
Two poster sessions each for 2 hr are scheduled in the afternoon of 25th (for odd number abstracts) and 26th (for even number). There will be approximately 100 posters. Posters will be displayed throughout the whole four-day workshop.
Reception party will be held in the evening of 26th.

Only pre-registered persons can enter the lecture room.
Currently we have maximum number of people registered, and unfortunately there is no more registration possible except for the case of cancellation by pre-registered persons.

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2nd Circular for The 3rd UK-Japan Cell Cycle Workshop

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